Training about knowledge visualization, knowledge sharing.

Graz, Austria – 16th December – 18th December 2020 (online)

Training about knowledge visualization, knowledge sharing. 

Graz (Austria) December 16th – December 18th 2020

1. Topic

Adult educators’ experience exchange and training about knowledge visualization, knowledge sharing.

2. Description

Joint staff training will include 15 adult education participants – adult education organizers and educators from partner organizations with the aim of finding out how to better organize and ensure the professional development of adult educators and with the aim of improving their knowledge of adult pedagogy methods and techniques, knowledge transfer (visualization, sharing).

3. Objectives

to improve knowledge and skills in new forms of adult learning and providing adult
education, notably strategic use of open and flexible learning, open educational resources –
knowledge visualization and knowledge sharing, best practice exchange on adult education methods and techniques, better exploitation of the ICT potential.

4. Results

Tangible: digital micro-knowledge chunks’ criteria (published on the webpage) and development criteria for professional development needs.Intangible: Knowledge and experience gained by the target groups in the field of adult educators’ professional development; development of ICT skills by using technological tools throughout the project.



Development criteria for professional development needs

Digital micro-knowledge chunks’ criteria

Knowledge chunks from learners

Agenda and session video recordings

Photo Gallery

Photos from virtual seminar.