VR , immersive virtual environments, serious games in adult education

St. Gallen (Switzerland) 15th – 17th March 2022

ICT and Serious Games in Adult Education Practices

St. Gallen (Switzerland) 15th – 20th March 2021

1. Topic

Learning English in a non-English-speaking area: Affordances and constraints from the perspective of mobility students.

2. Description

Learning English as a foreign language is often associated with language stays in English speaking countries. Learning and practicng English in non English speaking countries, however, bears several edvantages. The lecture presents practical experiences and insights from recent research to enable successfull langauge learning in non-English speaking countries.

3. Objectives

The participants learn about the avantages and limitations of langauge stays abroad and how to enable successfull langauge stays.

4. Results

Understanding the dos and don’ts for leangue stays in non English speaking countries.


Training Agenda.


Training session on “The Brain-Based approach to concentration


Training Session on Professional Coaching and the SCARF Model


Hacer Kaçar – Blended Learning Application


İsmail Karatekin – Language Teaching Methods and Techniques






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Photos from the seminar in St. Gallen

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