Training on improving better exploitation of the ICT potential 

Lorca, Spain – 16th June – 18th June 2021 (online)

Professional development course leaders’ experience exchange and training on improving better exploitation of the ICT potential 

Lorca (Spain) June 16th – June 18th 2021

1. Topic

Sharing best practices on adult learning.

2. Description

The Third Online Training Seminar from Erasmus+ project “Transferring Innovative Adult educators’ practices” (TIP ADULT) will be coordinated by the Spanish partners (Lorca NGO Cazalla Intercultural and Cea Alto Guadalentín) from 16 to 18 June 2021. 

Joint staff training will include adult education organizers and educators from TIP ADULT partner organizations with the aim of finding out how to better organize and ensure the professional development of adult educators and with the aim of improving better exploitation of the ICT potential. 

First day of this Training by Lorca based NGO Cazalla Intercultural will focus on Visual Learning Vocabulary and techniques as well as a Workshop on Issuing Online Badges for Validating the training of adults

The second day (17th June) will feature the presentation by  MEP Marcos ROS on the “Development of the Adult Education Agenda at the European Parliament” as well as the “European Digital Competence Framework for Educators” by JRC’s Scientific Officer G. Kapasalis.

Participants will learn about the educational offer granted by Adult Training Centers in Murcia Region. Through live presentations and video based examples, trainers from Murcia Adult Training Institutions will showcase the Regional Distance Teaching Platform  as well as the Distance Moodle LMS (EAD).

The last day (Friday 18th June) will focus on Distance learning tools for Adult learners. KA1 and KA3 projects as well as Distance Teaching practices will be showcased through live presentations and video based examples.

3. Objectives

To improve knowledge and digital skills for new forms of adult learning and providing adult education, notably open educational resources, better exploitation of the ICT potential and improve adult educators’ competencies to work with learners at risk of social exclusion. 

4. Results

Tangible outcomes from this LTTA are the digital micro-knowledge chunks on ICT tools for distance adult learning that will be uploaded on the project’s webpage.



Knowledge chunks


Photo Gallery

Photos from virtual seminar.